RCCC - HOP through 25 years!

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Greetings Rotarians, family, and friends!
Throughout 2018, the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek (RCCC) will celebrate 25 years of meaningful accomplishments in the community! A remarkable quarter of a century!
RCCC has reached countless people through dozens of community programs, including the Hands on Projects (HOP), whereby hundreds of volunteers have offered their valuable time to improve people’s lives. 
Bravos to all of volunteers for their willingness to serve over time!
The HOP through 25 years slideshow recaps the main milestones and statistics of that 25-year story, lists the key sectors of intervention as well as the 40+ organizations we have reached, and features hundreds of selected pictures taken during the course of the 200+ events we have organized.
Thanks a million to all who have contributed pictures and made this retrospection possible! They have doubled the size of my RCCC HOP photo album, for which I am deeply grateful! Their names are listed in the slideshow.
As you take the time to view this historical document, I hope that the long-tenured Rotarians among us proudly reminisce while the new generation discovers our Club’s impressive HOP track record!
Please click on  RCCC - HOP through 25 years - January 2018  to view the slideshow.
Bernard Gouin
(RCCC 2002) 

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