RCCC Launches Carroll Creek Clipper!

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On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Rotary Club of Carroll Creek (RCCC) launched its holiday decorated sailboat, Carroll Creek Clipperduring a special fellowship event seasoned by a memorable cannon-timed lighting of the boat.
Rotarians, family members, and friends came to celebrate as the launching coincided with the start of Sailing Through the Winter Solstice, a Festival of lights which will last 10 weeks until early February along Carroll Creek Park. 
Carroll Creek Clipper now shines in all her beauty and glory!     Please see pictures and related links below.
The Festival includes 7 participating holiday decorated sailboats representing local businesses and organizations such as BB&T Bank, Colonial Jewelers, Flying Dog Brewery, Property Management People, Rotary Club of Caroll Creek, the Tourism Council of Frederick County, and The Wine Kitchen Restaurant.
What an inspiring spectacle it is to admire those lively vessels in a variety of shapes and colors! Congratulations to all participants!
RCCC has long been associated with Carroll Creek Park by providing sponsorship funds, donations, and countless volunteer hours toward projects such as the Community Bridge Mural, the Rotary Clock, Alive@5, and Color on the Creek.
Sailing through the Winter Solstice is the brainchild of Doctor Pete Kremers, a Radiologist at Frederick Memorial Hospital, and the Founder of Color on the Creek http://www.coloronthecreek.com With the precious assistance of Kyle Thomas, local craftsman extraordinaire, Pete Kremers started last year as a one-sailboat pilot project and, with the cooperation of the City of Frederick, expanded the Festival this year to a fleet of seven sailboats. The Festival aims at beautifying Carroll Creek Park, thus increasing pedestrian traffic during the winter months along this key area of Downtown Frederick.  
The launching of Carroll Creek Clipper also has a very special historical meaning for RCCC as it will celebrate its 25th year anniversary in 2018 with various events throughout the year!
Much appreciation is expressed to RCCC Board of Directors, and to President Linda Roth for their very valuable support and enthusiasm toward the sailboat project!
Bravo to the members of RCCC Sailboat Committee for their joyful and dynamic commitment! 
Namely: Bob DeIuliis, Josh Donofry, Doug Fauth, Neil Fay, Bernard Gouin (Chair), Luke Markey, Mark Mayer (Co-Chair), Melissa Muntz, Tom Plant, Bonnie and Rob Swanson. 
RCCC Sailboat Committee started planning for the event last March. It took delivery of its base used sailboat late in May, and held evening construction meetings on a weekly basis since mid July. It also ran a naming contest within RCCC, collected over 120 suggestions, and narrowed them down to a list of 11 finalists. RCCC members then voted online, and voilà, Carroll Creek Clipper was born!
Very special kudos to Rotarian Doug Fauth for his remarkable craftsmanship, and for the generous usage of his personal workshop, tools, and supplies throughout the construction process!
Thanks to Rotarian Luke Markey for expertly crafting Carroll Creek Clipper's 25th Anniversary Rotary Wheel, to Rotarian Jean-Louis Lepage for donating materials used in the Rotary Anniversary Wheel, as well as for his time in customizing the Carroll Creek Clipper decal, and to Rotarian Melissa Muntz for coordinating the news agencies!
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Thanks to all volunteers for their willingness to serve in this historical project, and for making Rotary Club of Carroll Creek proud!
Enjoy and share this wonderful Festival with the world!
Bernard Gouin
Chair - RCCC Sailboat Committee
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