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Winter comes every year, so do the boats! Check out last year's fleet! The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek participates with its Carroll Creek Clipper and through volunteer hours, helps launch and remove the sailboats from the creek.



Amplifying the impact of Color on the Creek and Sailing through the Winter Solstice, Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade is a project initiated and managed by the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek.


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So just what is kinetic art, you ask? 

Kinetic art is most commonly a sculpture that interacts with nature to create movement. Wind is the most common element of nature but water and could be others. The interaction with nature enhances the beauty of the artwork.

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Examples of kinetic art sculptures. From top left and clockwise, Will Carr, Anthony Howe, John King, Phil Price, Ramelsloh, Lyman Whitaker



Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade (CCKAP) will contribute to the beautification of Downtown Frederick by offering residents and organizations the opportunity to sponsor regional artisans / creators of kinetic art sculptures and display their artwork in the middle of Carroll Creek from March through November.

Downtown Carroll Creek Linear Park is especially suitable for such an installation. Its west-to-east corridor funnels a generous passage of wind, its waters offer desirable color and light reflection, and its promenade provides a relaxing and contemplative oasis where people meet.

Over time, CCKAP could easily pave the way for permanent displays throughout the City of Frederick and County as public awareness is established, and it could also stimulate the development of a regional mini cottage industry for kinetic art sculptures.

Let art perform and do what it does best: Bring people together!



CCKAP's logo symbolizes a blend of water and wind in circular motion over a promenade.

Thanks to Rotarian Catherine Randazzo for originating it, and to the team at Postern for formalizing it! 



On May 14, 2019, The City of Frederick’s Public Art Commission enthusiastically approved the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade project, and the display of kinetic sculptures in the creek. It will review the design of each kinetic sculpture and approve it before it is fabricated.

On July 9, 2019, The City of Frederick’s Parks & Recreation unanimously approved the Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade project and the usage of the creek to display kinetic sculptures.



Individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, as well as businesses inspired by a given design, team up with regional artisans, sponsor the creation of kinetic art sculptures, display them during the event, and retain ownership of the sculptures.

At the start and end of each season beginning in 2020, CCKAP will assist participants in positioning and removing their kinetic art sculptures, which will be inserted into a standardized metal stand (Pyramid) solidly anchored in the creek to withstand the elements. See Section 12 below.

CCKAP will charge a $500 Display Fee per kinetic art sculpture to cover incidental expenses related to the event, and for the usage of the Pyramid.



For durability purposes, the kinetic art sculptures could be made of metal, hardwood or hard plastic, measure up to a maximum of 10 feet in height, and be inspired by themes such as flowers, animals, birds, insects, characters, sport and artistic scenes, trees, stars, etc. Bright colors are encouraged to enhance visibility from the pedestrian walkway, and the emphasis is on creativity and aesthetics, and not necessarily on size.

CCKAP will coordinate the selected themes to avoid duplication, thus ensuring original expression and diversity. Solar panel lighting are encouraged to provide around the clock enjoyment. Only minimal visual commercial branding or identity recognition is allowed.

Depending on its intricacies, size and chosen materials, the cost of a typical kinetic art sculpture could range between $5,000 and $15,000, or more if desired.

To view video examples of kinetic art sculptures, please click on Kinetic art sculptures 



Regional artisans living within 80 miles of Frederick are invited to submit their designs for kinetic art sculptures.

The submitted designs will be reviewed internally by CCKAP's Artistic Review Committee before they are presented to the Frederick Art Commission for final approvals.

CCKAP will use its best efforts to identify sponsors for kinetic art sculptures but offers no guarantee and encourages artisans to actively search for sponsors.

To submit a design and download an application, please click on  CCKAP - Application - Submit a Design for a Kinetic Art Sculpture.pdf



On July 1, 2019, the Ausherman Family Foundation launched a RFP which generated several proposals from regional artisans. The proposals are currently under review.

A. The Ausherman Family Foundation has decided to be a sponsor in 2020. 

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     For information about the Ausherman Family Foundation, please click on Ausherman Family Foundation

B. Matt McGreevy and The Hendrickson Group at Morgan Stanley have also committed to the 2020 display. 

The Hendrickson Group Logo.png

     For information about the group, please click on Hendrickson Group 

To display a kinetic art sculpture in Carroll Creek and download an application, please click on CCKAP - Application - Display a Kinetic Art Sculpture in Carroll Creek.pdf 



CCKAP is grateful for the generous contributions of the following business enterprises.

Canam Logo.png 

Thanks to The Canam Group for its invaluable assistance in calculating the various forces at play, fine-tuning the original design, and detailing the Pyramid! See section 12 below.

For information about the company, please click on Canam Group


EDCO Logo.png


Thanks to EDCO which has offered to fabricate and donate the first 3 Pyramids! See section 12 below.

For information about the company, please click on EDCO

Postern Logo.png

Thanks to Rotarian Emily Dorr and her team at Postern, namely Michaella Currie, for formalizing our logo!

For information about the company, please click on Postern



The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek manages CCKAP through various committees, namely:

a. Carroll Creek Committee (Manages the whole project)

Members: Rotarians Neil Fay, Bernard Gouin (Chair), Catherine Randazzo, Jim Reinsch, Linda Roth

 b. Artistic Review Committee (Reviews submitted kinetic art sculptures’ designs)

Members: Rotarian Tammy O’Connor (Chair), Community residents Yemi Fagbohun, Sarah Hempel Irani, Wendell Poindexter, Yvonne Reinsch

 c. Installation Committee (Manages installation process)

 Members: Rotarians Ted Gregory, Darrell Guyton, Mike Pilch



a. Share the news about Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade with family and friends

b. Be a “match maker” and link potential sponsors with interested regional artisans

c. Sponsor or co-sponsor a kinetic art sculpture 

d. Design and fabricate your own kinetic art sculpture

e. Join the Installation Committee and be in the center of the action                         



Rotary Club of Carroll Creek's point of contact for Carroll Creek Kinetic Art Promenade is Bernard Gouin.



a. Description The Pyramid is a freestanding, submerged, metal structure, with a 5-foot vertical central cylinder (6" x 0.188" OD) with a detachable upper 18-inch portion, and supported by four angled braces welded to a 4’x4’x1/2” metal plate sitting on the floor of the creek. 

Below the metal plate, five 3.5 foot angles are welded to the surface to reinforce the base of the Pyramid, and provide sufficient grounding to counter possible slippage.

The Pyramid weighs approximately 550 pounds.

A kinetic art sculpture’s main post will slide into the Pyramid’s central cylinder, and the final vertical adjustments will be made from pressure applied to the sculpture’s main post by bolts located around the top of the Pyramid's central cylinder, and above the water level.

b. Wind loads and overturning forces The Pyramid is designed to withstand winds of up to 90 miles per hour, and also factors a 1.4 safety margin, in accordance with the International Building Code. That uplift tolerance assumes a kinetic sculpture featuring a 30 square foot area exposed to the wind and standing up to 10 feet above water, and it is derived mostly from about 4,000 pounds of water resting on the Pyramid’s metal plate.

 c.  Design

Pyramid - 2019.07.31 One pager.png