2014 Youth Leadership Wrapup

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The Rotary Youth Leadership Program finished another successful year with 27 participants completing the five week program. The last few evening sessions included a poverty simulation that the United Way hosted at the Bernard Brown Center. This gave the participants an eye opening view of what it takes to survive in today’s world on an extremely limited income. There were tough choices to make as to what is most important to keep a family functioning and what services are available to help. The last session was with Plamondon Hospitality Partners. This session provided the participants with the opportunity to see what it takes to be successful in Frederick County as a for profit business and the unique customer service skills that are required to meet the demand of the customers.  The program ended with the job shadow day that paired Rotary members with the participants and placed them in an occupation that was of like interest. This provided participants with examples of the real life skills it takes on a given day to operate in a professional workplace. The day went extremely well with many positive comments on how valuable this particular part of the program is. After the job shadowing the program concluded with a debriefing of the participants experiences and awarding the certificates for completing the program.united 9.jpg

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