Beauty and Courage

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Our meeting room last week was full of color and beauty as our decorators extraordinaire, Bonnie Swanson and Michele Daiger, made sure we were in the holiday spirit with colorful tablecloths and spring decorations. Thank you ladies!!

Beauty was one of the themes presented by our greeter, Rick Rogers. Rick, as our newest member, chose to share why he loves being a Boy Scout Leader and taking backpacking camping trips. Four words with pictures described Rick’s presentation:

Beauty- the captivating scenery of nature and the natural coolness of the mountains

Challenge-the mental and physical activities that the youth do to take them out of their comfort zone

Teamwork- the learning of how to work together to achieve team goals

Reflection-  The time each day to answer: What do I need to do to help my crew?

 Rick obviously loves the outdoors and being a youth leader. Rick is also excited to be a RCCC Rotarian and is ready to share his talents with the marketing team. Amy Benton Chase was our greeter also but Amy did her 60 second spot a few months ago-remember Amy’s cool personal website?

 The inner beauty of our members was on display as Mark Pitts, our Foundation Chair, recognized our latest Paul Harris recipients. Each of these recipients had contributed $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation  in the past to receive their Paul Harris Fellows and now with each additional $1,000, these members earned “plus pins”. Our latest recipients are:

Sean McAdam, Terry Irgens, Chris Chase: Plus One Pins

Dan Schiffman: Plus 2 Pin

Jim Clapp: Plus 3 Pin

Bob, Sharon Jacko, Zoltan Nagy, Jim Olson, Bill Talley: Plus 4 Pins

Scott Henry: Plus 5 Pin

Eric Johnson, Chris Lamparis: Plus 6 Pins 

Bob Deiuliis added to the presentation by surprising his best friend and wife, Janice, by using his Foundation points to honor Janice as a Paul Harris Fellow.  Janice is a former RCCC member and a founding member and Past President of the Southern Frederick Club. Janice is a talented business owner and currently is the Executive Director and Owner of Visiting Angels. In her spare time, Janice helps out Bob at Talon Construction.  What a very deserving recognition for Janice!

 Our guest speaker was Heartly House Hotline Manager and SAFE Coordinator, Michelle Pentony, who gave us an overview of the SAFE program that is in place to provide crisis counseling, empowerment and education for victims of sexual abuse. The hospital runs the SAFE program 24 hours a day, 365 days a week and is supported by a team that includes advocates from Heartly House and health, police and legal officials.

Currently 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have experienced sexual abuse. One of our members, Jasmine Sneed, strongly encouraged us as Rotarians to support the Heartly House May 14 annual fundraiser, An Affair to Remember, as federal funds and grants are declining.  Jasmine then reiterated the statistics of sexual abuse and most likely there were women and men at our meeting who are sexual abuse victims and she very courageously shared that she is a victim herself. My heart goes out to Jasmine and any person who has to endure such pain and violation of the human spirit. We in Frederick are so fortunate to have the services of Heartly House and its caring, supportive staff who positively impact lives devastated by violence.

 It is difficult to end this press box on a high note but I hope that each of us had the opportunity to experience the taste of spring on Saturday and were able to have quality time with family and/or friends this holiday weekend. I know I did but my heart is still heavy knowing of the pain of our courageous victims.

Blessings and Peace, Mary


PS   Our dear Sgt of Arms, Wayne, reminded us to make sure we give full attention to our speakers during the meeting. Let’s make this happen and listen with respect!