Biggest Loser Contest

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Pictured above: President David Weaver, Brian Burke, Shannon Wallace, and Kip Jawish.


To kick off a New Year and continue with the Fit for the Future club theme, President David Weaver brought in some of the best fitness trainers in the county to give tips and a challenge.

Starting Feb 1, 2012, all club members have been challenged to team up and participate in our own "Biggest Loser" Contest. Three local fitness trainers have agreed to donate their time and talent to help support making our club healthier and get us in better shape!

The teams were given time slots to choose from and what trainer they would like to work with.  We can't wait to see the results!  Check out these amazing backgrounds on the trainers-

Brian Burke:

The Owner of the local Baker Park Operation Boot Camp shared tips on getting started by walking and eating better. He also balances many jobs and a very busy schedule.  He is a great mentor to show you how no one is ever too busy to fit time in to stay in shape!

"Operation Boot Camp is a revolutionary fitness program, administered by our professional staff of fitness instructors who give you the guidance and encouragement you need to reach the goals you're after.

In other words, we give you the very friendly kick in the butt you need.  It's amazing what you can achieve in 30 days. Visit their website at:

Shannon Wallace:

The owner of 368 Athletics in Frederick, MD shared his background and his passion for helping others succeed to reach their fitness goals. 

Originally from Newport News, VA, where there were always a plethora of athletes, Shannon Wallace Jr. grew up plagued with injuries and was not able to reach his optimal goals as an athlete during that time. As a child, he was sick quite a bit until he started playing different sports. He went on to play Division II college football and was always involved in martial arts.  After several years in the sales and finance area with Fortune 500 companies, his passion for fitness and athleticism brought him back to unfinished business.  He began to lead athletes and the general population to have optimal strength and conditioning eventually creating 368 Athletics, Inc.  360 degrees represents a full circle with 8 being the number of focus areas in fitness and conditioning to achieve optimal success.

368 Athletics, Inc. (368) represents the concept of optimal fitness and wellness encompassing the 8 Essentials of Athleticism. They are strength, power, flexibility, reflexes, SAQ (speed, agility, & quickness), balance, mental preparation, and recovery. We refer to most of our clients as athletes because this is how we train them. From the general population to professional athletes, 368 staff trains the body to depend on itself with full range of motion movements and strength building scenarios.  With this philosophy of fitness, it becomes about what your body feels like on a daily basis and less about what it looks like.  When you feel stronger, have more endurance, and have enhanced flexibility, suddenly you move better!  We all have biomechanics that can be improved upon to create each person’s own level of athleticism. Visit their website at:

Kip Jawish:

Owner of In Fit Studio in Frederick , MD shared how, if marathon running and triathlons are a goal, he can share how you can achieve that; or if you are just looking for that next challenge in your workout currently. 

Kip has spent his entire lifetime pursing excellence in the health and fitness arena. He was a three-time All-State and All-Met football player and in his senior year voted All-American at Georgetown Preparatory High School. He was elected to Prep's Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009, an honor that has been bestowed on only a handful of athletes in the school's 220 year storied sports history. 

After graduation, Kip went on to the University of Maryland on a full scholarship and played linebacker for the Terrapins. He started playing right from his freshman year which culminated in playing in the inaugural Hall of Fame Bowl vs. the University of Minnesota. After football, in the early 80's, Kip turned his sights towards triathlons and running races and competed in events all over the US and even overseas. He has completed in well over 20 marathons and Ultra distance races, including the 80 mile Canadian Death Run in the Canadian Rockies. A race with over 17,000' of elevation changes, where you not only compete against the elements but the wildlife as well. He also was an 11 hour finisher in his first Ironman at the 2000 Florida Ironman (2.4 mile Swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run). He is a two-time finisher of the 4.4 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge Swim and a National Champion Master's Clydesdale Triathlete. In 2009 he won the Virginia Triathlon Series award for Master's Clydesdales.  All of this experience gives Kip a unique perspective and diversity in training his clients. Visit their website at: