Feed Your Soul

Posted in: President's Press Box

For those who were not with us last week, we missed you and hope that you were feeding your souls with family and friends and enjoying the beautiful weather we are having as spring (or is it summer?!!) seems to be finally here!

Our greeter, Josh Bokee, did a spectacular job managing the greeting duties solo as his welcoming partner, Andy Baum, called in sick. Andy, we hope you are doing better and that we will see you this week.

Josh let us know that he is a graduate of Penn State and does bleed blue and white though living in the area, he now roots also for the Baltimore Ravens and the O’s adding purple, orange and black to his “bleeding” colors! Josh continued his education at the University of Maryland and is currently the Director of Government Affairs for Comcast. Living in Frederick for the last nine years, Josh is married to Katie and they have one son, Spencer, who at 5 is certain he will be taller than Dad!

Feeding our souls was the theme of our guest speaker, Rebecca Massie- Lane of the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. Rebecca shared that we become less creative each year we grow unless we are placed in a creative atmosphere. That must be why I can only do stick figure drawings!

Rebecca unveiled several pieces of art that have enriched the walls and corridors of the museum. She contrasted the beauty of the world around us in comparison to the beauty of the museum’s world of art. The story of the museum continued later in the day as a small group of us joined with the noon club to visit the museum and enjoy food and libations and explore the displayed artwork. The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts does feed your soul and is definitely worth the trip up I-70. You will not be disappointed!

We had anothersuccessful Bikes for the World collection on Saturday as $910 and 81 bikes and were collected. These funds will be used to ship the bikes to Panama. Thanks again to our volunteers:

Richard Brown, John Capoccia, Susan Edmiston, Dick Foot, Pat Gunnin, Jean-Louis Lepage, Greg Light, Kevin Lollar, Brenda Main, Peter Murray, Amber Nagle, Zoltan Nagy, Michael Proffitt, Rick Rogers and to Dick Foot, Jean-Louis, Tiff Ahalt and Zoltan Nagy for coordinating. For more opportunities to volunteer this month, there is still time to be an interviewer at Middletown High School on April 18, do yard work at Record Street Home on April 27 and read to toddlers at Family Partnership on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings. Please check out more information on our website.

With all joy comes challenges and in our Rotary family, Chip Crum, is facing personal health issues. Sgt. of Arms Wayne will keep us informed of Chip’s progress and other ways we can help Chip through this time. For now, please feed Chip and his family’s souls with your prayers and cards.

Peace, Mary