Getting in the Game

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For parents, grandparents, aunts, or uncles, Getting in the Game is making sure our children develop financial literacy skills. Steve Schleupner, local financial advisor with First Financial Group and Park Avenue Securities , is the founder of $prout, which focuses on teaching financial literacy to kids ages 5 to 12.  $prout has programs such as Allowance Combo and Vacation Manager available at at very reasonable costs. Great tools to help our kids learn how to earn and save a penny or is it dollars?!!

Getting in the Game for Rotary International is supporting the Foundation. Mark Pitts, our passionate club leader for the Foundation shared RCCC Foundation goals:

  • 100 % of  RCCC members are Sustaining Members this year-each member contribute at least  $100  to the SHARE program-Every Rotarian Every Year Campaign
  • Total Share contributions -$25,000 to $30,000
  • Have 5 new Paul Harris Society Members-Member agrees to contribute $1,000 each year to Foundation
  • Contribute $10,000 to Polio Plus  

Getting in the Game for “Service Above Self” volunteer contributions is giving of yourself to our numerous opportunities to be a change maker locally and internationally. So of course, Oktoberfest this weekend offers lots of time to give and many, many thanks to all who will be there and recruited so many others to help. And as Bernard Gouin shared, you can do even more by checking our Hands on Projects on the web could be thinking of traveling internationally to one of our projects as Rotarian Olivia White will do in January when she will participate in a Rotarian conference on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in South Africa.  

Getting in the Game is learning about our Rotarians in their 60 second spots. Maggie Nusbaum is retired from her leadership role as Director of the County’s Citizens Services and let us know about her new career as a Foster Mom for Arianna. There is much to do to be a Foster Mom including extensive application, house and water inspections and 4 interviews. Danny O’Connor shared 4 words to tell his story:

  • Depression- learned the value of a penny from his parents that grew up in that era
  • Blind Date-met the love and soul mate of his life, his wife Pat
  • Phone Call-announcing the births of his daughters Molly and Kate
  • Drs Appointment-Pat was diagnosed with Lymphoma and thankfully Pat can say she is a cancer survivor.

Getting in the Game in RCCC Committees is first learning what we do in our Big 7. This Wednesday we start our WHASSUP series. Come and join the international committee after our meeting and learn what makes international service tick! And RCCC needs YOU to be change makers in your assigned committees. Be engaged and score points with your committee or subcommittee chair by being involved.

So we have much to do as an RCCC member to Get in the Game and have our team to be a winner in the Rotary game! 



PS and how about those Ravens! I am still doing happy feet!