Love You Love You

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Our meeting got off to an amorous start as Josh Brooks led us in a spirited prayer focused on love. Lots of variations of Love You, Love You were echoed by some 14 Rotarians -even in French! The theme of love continued with our 60 second spots featuring Past Presidents’ Dave Weaver and John Capoccia.

Dave highlighted his life by his many roles: Lawyer-17 years and note his new partner is fellow club member, Pete Fitzpatrick; Community Leader including Past President of the Bar Association, United Way President and FCC Foundation Chair; Rotarian including serving as President between the velvet glove of Olivia White and some lady he described as queen of peace and love; Father of two beautiful twin daughters, Peyton and Morgan; and husband of lovely wife, Renee. Dave shared that he has many blessings of health, family and friends.

John decided to give a glimpse into his life by letting us know about his two very talented daughters, Carolyn and Jennifer. Many years ago, Carolyn moved from Syracuse to Texas to work as an organ transplant coordinator at St. Luke’s. On March 4, Carolyn will be continuing her work at St. Luke’s as their Senior Counsel. John also let us know that Carolyn is a breast cancer survivor and we are glad she is here to celebrate more birthdays!

Jennifer began her career as a project manager at Deloitte and Touche. She now is working at Butterball Turkey reporting directly to the CEO. John was also very proud to share that Jennifer’s husband, Staff Sergeant Sean Bacon (John, not sure if Sean’s last name is on target so mea culpa, mea culpa if not), is with the 82nd Airborne Special Forces and has earned a Purple Heart protecting us all. Thank you Sean!

Peter Murray let us know that we are spreading our club love by contributing almost $12,000 to the End Polio Plus Campaign-2nd highest in our District!  Thanks to all who made this happen. 

Our guest speaker, Dr. Emilie Calvello, mother of two boys and Assistant Professor in the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine has worked with many communities in Africa to provide emergency care.  Dr. Calvello, whose love of serving others and her passion for emergency care, was sparked by going to Angola on a Rotary Scholarship. She indicated that the challenge for emergency care is determined by how we define an emergency here and in countries overseas where health care is underdeveloped. Her example was Liberia where lack of access to proper medical care can often result in severe deformities or even death from untreated injuries or trauma. The Golden Hour in emergency care is if you don’t get care within an hour, you are not likely to survive. The goal for emergency care projects such as the current one in Liberia is to have the Right Care in the Right Place at the Right Time. Quite an ambitious goal and we may be hearing more about Dr. Calvello’s emergency care efforts in Liberia as a potential RCCC international project.

Yes we celebrated lots of love last week and hopefully that ignited the right spirit into Valentine’s Day and beyond. Remember that Beatle’s phrase Josh eloquently spoke ”the love you take is the love you make”!

Love You, Love You and Peace, Mary


PS I am still looking for those “special some ones” to share their love by volunteering to help with the newsletter!