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Last week our 2 greeters were Michelle Rankin and Fred Ridgeway though Fred somehow missed his notification to be greeter and got a text as he was leisurely strolling to the meeting. He promises to do a makeup! Fred shared that he is a Frederick native –born at FMH and attended West Frederick Middle and Frederick High. He ventured south and now lives in Urbana with his wife and 2 children ages 11 and 13 and makes his living in the financial advising field.

Michelle decided to tell her story by using the letters of the alphabet. B stands for Bailey, her daughter; W is for Wes her significant partner; F is for her fun size of 4ft. 10 inches; Q is for quack which is Afflac where she hangs her job hat and D is for her dream to live in Hawaii.

Besides getting to know our greeters, Fred Genau let us know we will be using a new way to get to know our new members interview style at their induction. Neil Fay and Bob Driver Bishop gave us a glimpse into how this will work and hopefully we will now stay on top of classification talks instead of having a wait list of two years to hear from our newest members.

Our Foundation Guru Mark Pitts, ended Rotary Foundation Month by giving a synopsis of the month’s mini presentations on Benefactors and Paul Harris Awards and gave some key facts about the Foundation and how it works in making a difference around the world. Here are some of those interesting Foundation Factoids:

  1. 1.       The Foundation was started in 1917 with an endowment of $26.50
  2. 2.       From 1928 to present, the Foundation has grown from $5,000 to 2.9 Billion dollars
  3. 3.        The Paul Harris Award was created to honor our Rotary founder Paul Harris after his death
  4. 4.       50% of donations made by our club come back to the District after 3 years and 50%  goes into the World Fund for major projects
  5. 5.       Polio Plus Fund was established in 1984 and today through our Rotary efforts, there are less than 100 cases in 3 countries
  6. 6.       The #1 goal of the Foundation is Peace and Conflict Resolution

Mark then introduced Catherine Fairley who shared her personal story as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in the 80’s. I had always known that Catherine had a special affinity for our bigger family of RI and after listening to her experience, I got it! Catherine, as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, was able to spend a year at England’s Southampton University, the best international finance school. She introduced us to her adoptive English parents who gave her many memorable times and her English Dad Charles even scribed her final exams for five hours as Catherine had injured her arm playing basketball and could not write. Catherine was able to travel even to visit her grandparents in Sweden and made many life- long friends. We also saw some pretty amazing 80’s looks in hairstyles and clothes and what a lucky lady to have 4 guys as her dorm mates!

So we learned much about the Foundation and more about Catherine and why we need to support the Foundation. This month, your donation will be matched at the District so please consider giving to our parent cause and make a difference here and around the world.

See you Wednesday and as always we have a full agenda so if you have an announcement please keep it short, send an email and/or post on the website. Otherwise if it is too long you may get the Wayne Greenfield Gong!

See you Wednesday!

Peace, Mary