Patience, Grace, Compassion

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February 4, 2013

Patience, Grace and Compassion


It is the day after the Super Bowl and The Ravens are Champions! Let me quote Coach John -“it wasn’t  perfect, it wasn’t  pretty, but it is our team”!  So true and it was an exciting game to the finish and what an experience with the lights going out. Now on to what is happening at RCCC where the lights are shining every day with member service and our weekly meetings.

This week our greeters were very conscious of their 60 sec spot time limit and promised not to talk more than 15 minutes each! Such humorous guys-Wyatt To and Rob Tuggle!! Wyatt started off by declaring he was the starting quarterback for Ann Arbor Michigan Wolverines. I am not sure that this is passing the four way test! From Michigan, Wyatt continued his schooling at the University of Cleveland Clinic and then headed to South Florida.  Wyatt was first introduced to Frederick when he came to Frederick for a wedding and loved the city. Wyatt hangs his hat at the Cosmetic and Skin Surgery Center, is married and has a two year old daughter that keeps him busy and annoyed!

Rob chose to share significant people in his life who have impacted who he is. His best friend, who met in high school, is his wife Stephanie who on their first date went to the movie Fatal Attraction. Lots of laughter on that one but this union proved to be the perfect attraction. Rob spoke about his two little brothers, Jeremy and Justin, who he met in Big Brothers Big Sisters and who he has mentored from childhood and considers them his sons. He also let us know now his brothers and sisters helped him learn from their mistakes and Pastor Dave was an important adult for guiding him. Lastly, Rob let us know that his parents are very special and that they don’t just walk the talk but walk the walk! They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and in their honor, Rob donated $50 to our club. What a generous gift, Rob and I think you walk that walk too!

RCCC was very honored to continue our tradition of honoring our Police Officers of the Month from September to December. Our program Coordinator, Clyde Hicks, kicked off the presentation by introducing our new Frederick City Police Chief, Thomas Ledwell.  Chief Ledwell noted the club’s positive support of our community and our efforts to acknowledge those who do the tough job of policing on the streets. The City police Department, according to the Chief has three priorities to maintain the quality of life in Frederick:

  1.  Community Policing -partnering with the citizens to build rapport and respect
  2.  Problem Solving-seeking solutions to community issues
  3.  Data Driven Intelligence-using information to analyze where there are recurring issues

The team of Jeff McEvoy, Maggie Nusbaum, Tom Plant and Mike Caroglanian gave us some insight into our honorees. Clyde shared the write ups of Officer First Class Darrick Scott, Officer First Class Michael Morgan, Officer First Class Kevin Forrest and Officer First Class Paul Malatesta via email after our program. It is very evident that these men demonstrate patience, grace and compassion in their life work. Thanks to Patty McGill for sharing these poignant words in her invocation for the meeting. Patience, Grace, Compassion-meaningful words for all.

See you Wednesday as we kick off World Peace and Understanding Month and induct another new member, Charles Riser.

Peace, Mary

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