Peace Through Compassion

Posted in: President's Press Box

Bernard Gouin, our hands on project leader extraordinaire, announced that our very exciting pilot program, RISE-Rotarian Initiative for Employment, is ready to begin in April. The first class of six students has been identified and will attend a two week workshop in May. Our Rotary Mentors – Susan Holton, Sharon Jacko, Jim Mills, Margaret Nusbaum, Niki Thrash, Olivia White led by Barbara Daniels are ready to serve. In addition, Travis Hardmon, Mike McGowan, Jim Mills, Mary Nagle, and Jonathan Warner under Jason Lee’s direction will be working on internship programs for the participants. Monies are being raised to support the program. In addition to the $10,000 our club has donated, the Ausherman Foundation will match each donated dollar up to $20,000! All of this hard work is turning an impossible dream into a reality and building compassion and peace.If you want to know more about RISE, check out the May newsletter which will hit the streets this week.

Our greeters this week were Pat Brunner and Richard Brown. Pat led off and let us know her roots are here in Frederick and that she was a farm girl. Pat decided not to stay in the family farming business because it was 24/7 but as life can be, her career as a real estate agent is also 24/7! Pat shared how our brother’s bout with Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma changed priorities for family. The sad news is that the family farm needs to be sold but the good news is that Pat will be using her real estate talents to sell the family farm. Pat is married to Paul and is a proud Mom and Grandma.

Richard has enjoyed being a Rotarian and gave thanks to Ted Gregory and Rick Miller who encouraged him to join. Richard is another Frederick native and his job provides much variety from electronics to spy gear. What I loved learning about Richard is his talent for music and that he plays drums and crashes those cymbals. Richard is a member of the Spires Brass Band and encouraged us to support the Frederick Symphony.

We again received a very generous donation of $750 from Don Schilling for our volunteering at Middletown High School. It is always great joy to spend time with these senior students and engage in one on one dialogues and practice interviewing. Thank you, Don for your leadership, for the opportunity to serve  and your magnanimous gift!!

After many months of planning, David “Leonardo” Petrucci presented another exciting project, Peace Through Compassion. Peace Through Compassion is a simple and inspiring message that can bring more peace to the world. It is a tool to let others know who we are and what we do. The Peace Through Compassion project is one that everyone can participate and it is way for each of us to create more compassion, peace and respect in our lives. It is also intended to be used as a marketing tool to attract new members as our Be My Guest Card can be inserted on the back and with the sale of the cards, we will raise dollars for our club to do more good work. There was some fabulous Rotary actors in the videos that David unveiled at the meeting and these videos showed how to use the Peace Through Compassion card. I am sorry if you missed Paul Frey displaying not being peaceful or compassionate-it was quite humorous! All Rotarians will receive 2 packs of the cards and you can donate for the next printing of cards at Wednesday’s meeting. Be a Peacemaker!

Peace, Mary