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Good Morning Fellow Rotarians.

As promised I will be doing weekly updates on club happenings and a short synopsis of club meeting.

On last Wednesday, District Governor Bob Parkinson installed the Board and Committee Chairs of our club. District Bob also shared that there are three goals for Rotary International: strengthen clubs, provide humanitarian service, and promote Rotary. Again, our club is focused on all three areas in our Strategic Plan. As Rotarians, Bob encourages us to find those Rotarian moments where we are making a difference whether for one or

 Crabs, Crabs, Crabs!! Please join
Fellow Rotarians and friends on July 29 at the Home of Karen and Wayne Sixx
from 3-7 for great crabs, Black Hog barbecue and beer and soda. Live music
courtesy of Bryan Mack’s efforts and we don’t want those tables and chairs
empty that Bryan is also hauling and setting up.

Maryland Crab-1.jpg


 Oktoberfest-(Sean had to check :) at the meeting) but there are now 74 days to Oktoberfest which will be held on September 29-30. Be ready to sign up soon! 

Tomorrow I will be giving some “Mary” background and sharing our plans for the year.

Stay cool and see you in the morning!



PS  Candy gram for first person other than Board and Committee chairs (sorry guys-you have seen this multiple times) who responds to
me with the RI theme for the year.