RCCC "HOP through 25 years"

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Greeting Fellow Rotarians!
This week, we celebrate 25 years of Hands-On Projects (HOP)! 
And to celebrate, we present a special slideshow entitled: "HOP through 25 years"Please see link below.
But first, a few remarks.
Right from its inception in 1993, our Club has embraced its mission of serving the community, and has since built a remarkable Hands-On Projects legacy!
Over the last 25 years, we have operated within 4 sectors of intervention (youth, elderly, underprivileged, and Downtown Frederick), reached over 40 organizations in Frederick, managed over 200 events, and mobilized over 8,000 volunteer-hours.
Considering this wonderful legacy,
We salute all our Charter Members for instilling and perpetuating the spirit of service!
We applaud our Pioneer HOP Guru, Andy Radcliffe, for leading our first multi-year Hands-On Projects program, “Christmas in April”, from 1996 to 2003!
We marvel at how dedicated our Club has been through the years, and how involved it is today!
Recruiting volunteers through our Club has never been a problem, and Rotarians have always signed up with great enthusiasm! Bravo!
We thank our 25 Presidents for fully supporting the Hands-On Projects program, and making it a priority!
And we encourage and support our current HOP Co-Chairs, Tiffany Ahalt and Lisa Ortiz, in their important mission!
The “HOP through 25 years” slideshow lists key milestones, statistics and leaders, as well as the organizations we’ve touched, and the number of events we’ve managed for each of them.
It shows selected collages and pictures, which identify in the top left corner the organization we served and the year it took place.
The slideshow is about 15 minute long, and contains over 150 slides and more than 570 pictures integrated in collages.
How else can we compress 25 successful years?
Thanks a bunch to the 20 Rotarians who’ve helped in building our photo album. They dug through their own records and either emailed pictures or handed folders of old proofs. Their names are listed in the slideshow.
While watching the slideshow, we hope that the long-tenured Rotarians among us proudly reminisce, while the new generation discovers our Club’s impressive Hands-On Projects legacy!
Please click on the following link to view the slideshow:
RCCC - HOP through 25 years - January 2018  
Thanks to all for your willingness to serve!
Bernard Gouin
(RCCC 2002)