RCCC participates in COTC tropical spring planting

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Greetings Fellow Rotarians!
Early evening on Tuesday May 29, 2018, Rotarians, family and friends joined other volunteers from the Mens’ Garden Club, and participated in Color on the Creek tropical spring planting in Carroll Creek.
About 200 tropical plants (lilies, cannas, as well as Victoria and Egyptian palms) were positioned in Carroll Creek to beautify the water park, and mitigate the algae problem. 
For the last month and to protect them from unfriendly spring temperature, most of those plants have been growing in recently built water tanks in Mount Olivet Cemetery's greenhouse.
Thanks to all RCCC-related volunteers for their cheerful participation, namely:
Ann & Ric Adams, Amanda Addington, Paul Brunner, Josh Donofry, John Gang, Bernard Gouin, Nicholas Harne, Steve Heine, Clyde Hicks, Ken & Helen Kerr, Wayne Leadbetter, Jean-Louis Lepage, Catherine Mock and her friends Tracy & Dixon Hicks and Jan Torbit, Doug Murphy, Mary Nagle, Josh Pedersen , Lori Rogers, Patty Sheehan, Rob Swanson, Jack Topchik, Ashley & Andrew Waters, Jan West


Please click on the following link to view pictures of the volunteers

Thanks to all for their willingness to serve!