RCCC / Vote for your favorite sailboat!

Posted in: Community Service

Greetings Fellow Rotarians!
Hope all is well as we’re entering the holiday season!
Now that the sailboats are adorning Carroll Creek Park, and they have been extremely well received, Color on the Creek (COTC) is launching a voting contest / fundraiser for local 501c(3) charities!
One dollar is one vote, and there are prizes for the most funds raised by organizations, by individuals, and going toward COTC.
30% of the funds raised will stay with COTC, and the rest will go to the charity designated by each sailboat owner. 
Our Carroll Creek Clipper has been naturally paired with COTC. 100% of the votes casted for Carroll Creek Clipper will benefit COTC, and will be fully tax deductible.
Below is a link listing the boats, and information about the prizes as well as how to vote.
You are all invited and evidently encouraged to cast your votes for Carroll Creek Clipper!
In the very likely event Carroll Creek Clipper was to win a collective prize(s), we will draw among Rotarian donors based on the $ amount gifted by each, i.e. 1 ticket for each $15 donated.
On behalf of your Sailboat Committee
(Bob DeIuliis, Josh Donofry, Doug Fauth, Bernard Gouin, Neil Fay, Luke Markey, Mark Mayer, Melissa Muntz, Paul Plant, Bonnie Swanson, Rob Swanson)