Ready to Vote!

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What an impassioned presentation on the proposed Charter government proposal up for vote on November 6!  A Charter form of government is one of three forms of governing available to local areas in the state.  David Rodgers, a fellow Rotarian and Executive Director of the Charter Education Committee and Debra Borden, member of the Committee, shared why voters should vote for the Charter:

  • ·         Allows for local decisions for local issues
  • ·         Provides for a County Executive to manage day to day operations
  • ·         Creates system of checks and balances
  • ·         Provides for a stronger voice in State legislature

There are many facets to this legislative proposal that include council member selection, costs of the proposal and government structure. Check out the proposed Frederick County Charter so that you are ready to make a fully informed decision on November 6.

More voting, or should I say selection, is needed for all of us in deciding which volunteer project, IN ADDITION To OKTOBERFEST, each of us will choose to participate. Bernard Gouin, our guru Hands on Project Leader, gave a very comprehensive outline of current planned projects for the year. Go to RCCC’s website to make your choice. Remember, you snooze you lose!

Another venture for this year is our WHASSUP series coordinated by Special Assistant Neil Fay. Each month we will feature the work of our committees at a twenty minute chat right after our meetings.  These meetings are intended for all and especially our newest members. Please join our international committee leaders on Wednesday September 26 and find out what they do behind the scenes to make us so successful internationally.

Our two greeter 60 second spotlights were presented by Kara Norman and Terry O’Malley- and Terry graciously agreed at 7am to be greeter and speaker! Kara, our Downtown Partnership Executive Director, shared her love of urban planning started when she grew up in Des Moines Iowa. She is married to Tom who is a FCPS Career Educator now on sabbatical leave which provides challenges for caring for their 3 year old daughter Nia Grace  and Nia  means” illuminating life” which she does for Tom and Kara. And for another great story, have Kara share the specialness of Nia ‘s middle name Grace. Terry served in Viet Nam, got married there and “made his first child in Viet Nam”.  Terry focused on the food industry, worked in HR and then made the transition to hospital HR and is now at our very own Frederick Memorial.

In 11 days, Oktoberfest will be here! Yes all the planning, planning and more planning will be done and the crowds will come! Many thanks to the In the Streets crew who weathered the storm and got the word out and made strudel. And thank you to all RCCC members and their families who have volunteered and have spread the word. OMM PAH!!



PS Many thanks to Michelle Daiger for the patriotic decorations in remembrance of 9/11 and for Clyde’s invocation in honor of those who lost their lives and demonstrated courage.