RISE 2014 on the run!!!

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On January 15, 2014, we had the very special opportunity to present the RISE Program to our club. We were happy and proud to introduce our Partners and Donors in the venture, as well as our mentors and mentees from our 2013 Pilot Project. 
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the mentors who participated in our 2013 Pilot Project! They enthusiastically embraced our new program, and clearly made a difference in the lives of our mentees. Thanks to: Lisa Ausherman, Sharon Jacko, Jim Mills, Margaret Nusbaum, Niki Thrash, Olivia White, and to Barbara Daniel for her overall support!
During the presentation, we heard poignant live and video testimonials from the Pilot Project participants, we answered your very relevant questions, and were able to gather serious commitments for our 2014 RISE Program which is scheduled to start mid-February.
RISE empowers public housing residents toward gainful employment! 
It strives to meet the needs of the residents by providing vital services such as professional training, job preparation workshops, work internships, childcare, transportation assistance, mentoring, and networking, and by sourcing the financial requirements of those programs.
RISE is a unique venture made possible by:
1) the precious collaboration of our Partners: Frederick County Workforce Services, Project Alive with the Housing Authority, Second Chances Garage, YMCA, Frederick Community College, and Rotary Club of Carroll Creek.
2) the generous contributions of our Donors (as of 1.26.14): Rotary Club of Carroll Creek ($10,000), The Ausherman Family Foundation ($8,000), Women's Giving Circle ($7,000), Frederick County Workforce Services ($6,700), Walmart ($1,000), and individual donors ($775).
The following people have recently accepted to joint the 2014 RISE team and participate as mentors and networkers, or both:
Mentors: Jill Cody, Chris Chase, Chris Colville, Janice DeIuliis, Brenda Main, Helen Maleady, Rick Rogers, George Thomas
Networkers: Chris Colville, Nick Damoulakis, Janice DeIuliis, Darrell Guyton, Mike Kidder, Helen Maleady, Terri Perry, George Thomas
Many thanks in advance to all of them for their valuable contribution, and for their willingness to make a difference in someone's life!
We believe RISE is one of the most ambitious projects ever organized by the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, and we are grateful to all our members for their great interest and support from the very inception of RISE!!
On behalf of the RISE Executive Team
(Lisa Ausherman, Eric Dallavalle, Michelle Day, Bernard Gouin, Jeff Griffin, Joyce Heptner, Jason Lee, Ann Ryan)