RISE to the Challenge!

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Hello Fellow Rotarians and Members of the Frederick Community,
RISE was founded 3 years ago to help reduce unemployment in public housing by mentoring dedicated adults, offering training and a web of public and private services, as well as providing access to opportunities.
Already to date, 30 RISE mentees have found their way to a better life, and unemployment in Lucas Village has since been dramatically reduced from 28% to 13%!
As RISE prepares for its next group of participants, we need your help to continue making RISE a success story!
There are 3 easy ways for you to get involved:
-Become a Networker
-Become an Internship Host
-Become a Contributor
Networkers work with local businesses to identify possible internship opportunities for our RISE participants.
We provide you with the information about the RISE participants and we rely on you to make the connection, at which point we establish a working relationship with the potential internship host.
We’re currently seeking internships in the following 6 career fields, and have listed 8 of our current RISE participants:
IT Field
1. Will (Male 43)
-He's seeking IT entry level
-He would love to learn more about CAD and design work 
-Currently taking A+ Certification class
2. Mayra (Female, 52, bilingual)
-She would love an internship in an IT setting  
-She has some good experience, and would like to build a career in IT.
3. Sandra (Female, 56, bilingual)
-She would love to find an internship that would allow her to make progress toward her goal of being a Spanish interpreter.  
-She has great customer services skills, is friendly, and reliable.  
-She eventually wants to get her certification as an interpreter 
Interior Design
4. Liz (Female, 22, bilingual)
-She would love to get some experience in interior design.  
-She also has good admin skills and great customer service skills, but would like to break into the world of interior design.
HR Department
5. Ayanna (Female, 35)
-She has a good work history in customer services and management and would love to do internship in a human resources department.  
-She is computer literate and is also taking the A+ Certification class.  
-She would love general office administration in a human resource department.
Health Care
6. Barbie (Female, 41)
-She has a CNA/GNA now, but would love some experience as a medial assistant in a doctor's office.  
-She is warm, kind, and reliable, and would like to create a career path that will move her beyond CNA.
7. Charvon (Female, 28)
-She is doing home health care but would love to build a career in nursing.  
-Any internship that would expose her to other careers in health care would be perfect.  
-She would especially love something with infants/children.
Office Environment
8. Ashley (Female, 29)
-She would love an internship in an office setting, front desk or office assistant.  
-She is also taking the A+ Certification.
Perhaps your business has an immediate need for an intern.
RISE internships are a win-win for your business and the program because RISE completely funds the participants’ internship experiences, and participants receive valuable work experience.
Employers have complete control over the hiring process. Plus, all RISE participants go through a rigorous application and interview process, including a background check.
Participants are accepted based on their motivation and commitment to working toward long-term employment.
Programs like RISE take hard work and commitment, but we can also use monetary donations.
If you don’t have time to participate in one of the above areas, please consider making a tax deductible donation to The RISE Fund through the Community Foundation of Frederick County at www.cffredco.org 
Join us in the RISE movement, and become part of a success story!


For more information and/or to become involved, please contact:

Jason Lee, President of Rotary Club of Carroll Creek and Co-Founder of RISE at: jason.rccc@gmail.com