Rotarians and Non-Rotarians follow RISE III Mentors' Orientation Session!

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On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, ten committed and caring Rotarian and Non-Rotarian volunteers followed the RISE 90-minute Mentors' Orientation session.
Led by Kristi Jacobs Woods, RISE Program Assistant, the mentors were introduced to the structure and processes of RISE, and were briefed about all sorts of meaningful mentoring tips for the RISE III program which will be launched on November 5, 2014 with the official "Mentors meet Mentees" session. The program will last 6 months, and will offer one-on-one mentoring.
RISE (Rotarian Initiative for Successful Employment) aims at reducing unemployment in public housing areas by mentoring motivated adults, offering them skill-building training, and providing them access to work opportunities. 
RISE I and RISE II have provided such opportunities to a total of 13 mentees in 2013 and so far in 2014.

Thanks to all RISE III mentors for enthusiastically accepting their assignment, namely:

Rotarians: Cindy Cantrel, Simona Colantonio, Kevin Lollar, and Jan West
And Non-Rotarian volunteers: Ann Adams, Debora Daniels, Lisa Pearre, Kirsten Tydings, Doris Vona, Renae Winnan
Below are pictures of the mentors during the orientation session.
RISE is on the RISE!
RISE III - 2014 - Mentors' Orientation 10.22.14.jpg