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President Press Box

July 24, 2012

Hello Fellow Rotarians! I hope you enjoyed my sharing of my personal, professional and Rotary journey last Wednesday. Now if you weren’t there you can still catch the classy shots on the website and I am open to any and all questions.

Of course whenever you plan a presentation, you cannot accomplish such an undertaking without the help of a “Say YES” group of Rotarians. My YES team included Laurie and Paul Frey, Bob Deluliis and Eric Johnson. Bob graciously hauled two Talon director chairs and Eric provided the monitor for Paul and I to view slides without turning our backs to you, the audience-now how non Rotarian that would be! Paul graciously agreed to be the RCCC Matt Lauer and Laurie and he were the behind the scenes developers of the power point. Many many thanks to all for helping me have fun with my presentation!!

I also want to acknowledge Jean Petersen for her awesome creative abilities in designing the RCCC United in Peace Logo that complements RI’s   Peace Through Service theme and logo. That is another reason that Jean is our featured Rotarian in our July enewsletter which by the way ROCKS and so does Sue Hough!

And a boatload of thanks to Amy Benton Chase and David Shriver for their tireless work on the website and answering all my many questions especially in doing this blog.

Tomorrow, Shawn Wolf, Kim Chaney and Andy Baum will be sharing our progress on the strategic plan and all you ever wanted to know about our budget. This is our club assembly meeting and replaces us dividing into committees and having meetings where the noise level is over the top. Hope this makes you smile. J

See you in the morning!!

Peace, Mary

PS Buy your crab tickets tomorrow-Deadline 12 Noon!