Simple Pleasures and Say YES to Values

Posted in: President's Press Box

Clyde Hicks started our meeting with an invocation that centered on the simple pleasures in our life and encouraging us to appreciate those simple pleasures. Sixty second spots and member classification talks then provided insight into 5 of our members covering family history, personal impactful life choices and insight into saying yes to values.

Katie Bowersox  shared some of her simple pleasures which are reading, travel and her chihuahua, Julius. A Frederick native and 6 year Rotarian, Katie is facing a significant career change as her Mom  is retiring and will close JB Interiors.  Licensed in real estate, Katie will be focused on her career search and a new job using her talents in design and helping others.

Josh Brooks chose to divulge some family history as he revealed an amazing story about his grandfather, Henry Stanford Brooks, for whom Josh is named. It was June 10, 1882, as a Yale University freshman, that Henry competed against the best runner of the time, Lou Myers.  In a very close race, Henry was able to pull out the win by beating Myers by a yard! Now unbeknown to Josh, Paul Frey had uncovered a picture of our Josh looking quite the” long hair band member” posing with other disc jockeys in his earlier years in the music industry. You had to be there to appreciate it!

Amber Nagle(name sound familiar?), let us know that she grew up in Oklahoma and that when you get a bunch of Sooners together, they are known as All You All! She attended Oklahoma University and finished at Oklahoma State where her Momma and Daddy went. She spent time in Austin, Texas where  good food, wine and music abounds. Amber made it to the East Coast where she met Tony Nagle in Downtown Frederick and one month later, Tony became her boyfriend and then became her husband in 2011. A life changing event for Amber occurred when she traveled to Israel with her Mom and some of her best friends.  Her faith is important and she and Tony are active in their church. Amber is the Marketing Manager for Shockley Honda and my PS to Amber is that I am blessed to have her as my daughter- in- law and glad she accepted my invitation to be a Rotarian!

Shannon Wallace grew up in a Newport News, Virginia neighborhood that he teasingly stated was called “Let’s get home quickly!”  At birth, Shannon weighed three pounds and was a twin. Very sadly, Shannon’s twin brother did not survive at birth and Shannon experienced a weak immune system growing up. His health, his desire to make a difference, and the loss of his brother(why did I make it?) led him to volunteer at the March of Dimes where he currently  serves as the Revenue Chair. Shannon graduated from Hampton University with a Finance Degree but after a very successful livelihood in the finance industry, he decided to make a significant career move and start his own fitness business. Shannon did extensive research-reading, traveling and learning- to create his own fitness brand. Today, his company, 368 Athletics, is thriving and expanding into other areas of Maryland.

Charles Riser gave us insight into who and what he values after sharing the most chaotic time that he and Sharon endured as a married couple. At the same time they were planning to open their Paul Mitchell Beauty School, they bought and began renovating the Temple building, started remodeling their home and were expecting their first child. Charles shared that amid this utter chaos was born the calmest, coolest child- their son Bailey. How did he survive?  Charles believes that his commitment to family, his friends and his personal values guided him then and now. He stressed the value of integrity-what you do when no one is looking-and encouraged all to surround themselves with friends that support you and your values. Charles loves being a Rotarian as he believes the values that count are the ones we share as Rotarians in our Service above Self Motto and our 4 Way Test.

I just loved last week getting to know more about our members. Thanks to all of you for giving us a gift of You and contributing to our Rotary Family. Now there is much going on this spring as is the norm for our club. It is amazing what we accomplish when I know each of us is focusing on family and friend celebrations, dealing with personal challenges and oh yes, that yard work staring at us every day! I so appreciate the time you are taking to volunteer and manage all facets of our club’s operations. So when I ask you to join in our Evening of Music and Maryment featuring our Paul Harris Awards, I know I am asking much from you to attend. This evening is one of our RCCC traditions to celebrate those who do say YES to values. So please consider taking some time to enjoy special time with your our community honorees and fellow Rotarians and enjoy some simple pleasures of music, beautiful surroundings, great food and smiles and laughter.

Peace, Mary