Youth Leadership

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Even though the number of students was down this year (9), the RCCC Youth Leadership program was a another great success.  For four consecutive Monday nights, programs were held to stimulate action and thought as it pertained to leadership. The students worked on team-building the first night and had judicial and government conversations with a circuit court judge and a Frederick City Alderman on the second night.  The third session had leaders from three nonprofit agencies discuss the needs of the city/county and what services are available.  The fourth class had the students taking the Myers-Briggs personality test that, not only had them learn things about themselves, but how to relate to others who might view things through a different lens than themselves.  We finally concluded the program with eight Rotarians volunteering to have the students job-shadow them for half a day.

Eric Ireland, Richard Greenwood, Bill Nicklas, and I would like to thank all the instructors of the evening classes and Jim Clapp's organization of the job-shadowing day, along with all of the Rotarians who took time to mentor the students on that day.

See ya next year!