Our Wednesday Morning Meetings

7:15AM – 8:30AM | All Saints Episcopal Church | 106 W Church Street

The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek’s weekly Wednesday morning meetings are a vibrant gathering of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in their community. As the sun rises over the charming town, members eagerly assemble in the Great Room of All Saints Episcopal Church (one of the few venues in town that can hold our large group), brimming with enthusiasm and a shared sense of purpose.

The meetings kick off with warm greetings and lively conversations, setting the tone for a productive and inspiring session ahead. Over a delicious breakfast spread, attendees exchange ideas, discuss ongoing service projects, and brainstorm new initiatives aimed at addressing pressing local and global challenges. These meetings are not only a platform for collaboration but also a source of motivation, as members share success stories and recognize outstanding contributions to the community.

The camaraderie and fellowship within the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek are truly palpable during these Wednesday morning gatherings, fueling a sense of unity and empowerment that propels their impactful endeavors throughout the week.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests are always welcome! Please reach out to
Membership Chair, MK Battles, at mk@mkmckenna.com with questions.