In a heartwarming display of community unity and generosity, the Rotary Clubs of Frederick County rallied together to make a significant impact on the ongoing Maui wildfire relief efforts. In the wake of the devastating Maui wildfires, the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek wasted no time in mobilizing its members and resources to aid those affected by the crisis. Recognizing the urgent need for support, our club forged partnerships with fellow Rotary clubs across Frederick County. We are thrilled that collectively we were able to raise over $6000 in funds dedicated to wildfire relief. These funds will contribute towards crucial aspects such as providing emergency aid to affected families, supporting wildlife rehabilitation programs, and aiding in the restoration of the environment.

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The success of this collaborative endeavor is a testament to the remarkable spirit of compassion that resides within our community. The combined efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Frederick County underscore the Rotary International’s ethos of ‘Service Above Self.’ As the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, we are both humbled and inspired by the outpouring of support from our members. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to making a positive impact, not only locally but also globally, and stand ready to lend a helping hand whenever and wherever it’s needed most.