On Wednesday, June 6, the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek bestowed Paul Harris Community Awards on two Frederick community members. This year’s recipients were Stephen Tate and Eric Rhodes.

The Paul Harris award is the Rotary Club’s highest honor, given only to members of the community who truly exemplify leadership through service. Candidates for this award will have demonstrated their goodwill through genuine deeds and actions by going above and beyond the call of duty. In most cases, they want no recognition, are not self-serving; and indeed, are truly unsung heroes.

Stephen Tate is the founder of the New Market Food Project, distributing food consistently to more than 30 local families each month. Also the founder of The Stephen and Jacquelyn Tate Foundation, Stephen has traveled all over the world helping to build and support needed infrastructure in areas most in need.

Eric Rhodes is the Principal at Lincoln Elementary School and the organizer of Frederick’s High Wheel Race. As an educator, advocate, and community partner Eric has gone above and beyond to make sure every student and family has what they need to succeed. Both of this year’s recipients have gone above and beyond to improve the lives of those in need.


Attached photo: Melissa Muntz (Chair-Paul Harris Community Awards Committee), Stephen Tate (Award Recipient), Eric Rhodes (Award Recipient), Ashley Waters (President-Rotary Club of Carroll Creek)